Panerole can be found in the heart of the Langhe in Piemonte. Two kilometres from Barolo, three kilometres from Novello, of which it is part and three kilometres from Moforte d’Alba. It is looked after by the careful peace of the farmers that live here.

A small hamlet of 40 souls, 371 metres above sea level.
The land where we were born has a strong vocation for the production of Barolo, in which we believe and experiment on and has been granted to us to work on. It is an integrated part of our daily life and it regulates our days all year round: the alternation of seasons, the position of the vineyard that spreads from south to west, the composition of the soil that is calcareous, clayey or medium textured and leaves a significant mark on the final product and, above all, the choral work of our family, that takes care of all production phases from the work in the vineyards to the bottled wine.
The final aim of all these operations is the search for quality in wines, with respect to the environment, through ecologically sustainable work procedures.