The Dolcetto d’Alba, whose surface on the whole is of 2,5 hectares, is obtained through the blending of dolcetto grapes from two vines with different characteristics: one facing south east and grows on a calcareous soil which gives a delicate and distinctly perfumed wine; the other, facing south west, gives a structured wine with an intense colour. From the blending of these two kinds of grapes we obtain a ruby red coloured wine with a scent of violets and mixed berries.


The Barbera d’Alba, whose surface is of 2,5 hectares, is dislocated on three vineyards: two facing south with a very calcareous soil, sunny and repaired from all currents, due to the considerable slope they’re on. This gives the wine the perfect structure that keeps it unaltered in time. The third vineyard faces south east and grows on clayey, very generous and very ventilated soil enriching the wine with perfumes. The blending of these grapes and 18 months in barriques make it full and enveloping and we can certainly affirm that the Barbera “Bricco Gigi” is our personal pride.


The Nebbiolo from Barolo has a surface of 8 hectares dislocated on various vineyards in the Novello territory where they face south to south east and from which we obtain the Barolo ”Panerole” cru from Novello, and in the territory of Monforte d’Alba with the Barolo “Bricco San Pietro” cru in this very sunny area facing south west with a medium texture soil and which gives a balanced product.


The Nas-cetta from Novello has a small surface of about 1 hectare in the Panerole territory with two small installations, one in the east and the other in the south west. The wine obtained is a rediscovery of ancient Novello traditions and the native vines are rare and solely cultivated in the municipality of Novello, since the end of the 1800s.